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Dr. Watson

Don’t miss opportunity to learn, Dr. Watson tells students

Dr. Watson
Dr. Watson

A University of Central Missouri don, Dr. Marietta Watson has urged students to make good use of their time to learn at any given opportunity, saying there is always something new to learn at any given time and circumstances.

Dr. Watson, who is also an Associate Professor in the School of Industrial Science and Technology at the university, said that students have greater potential if they could make the best use of their time during their program. She said that they could learn enduring skills and life experience if they look inward to take a lesson from whatever situations they find themselves in and from whoever they come across. 

The University Instructor said that nothing gives her more joy than seeing her students become successful academically and professionally. “I have been lucky to have really good students. My favorite thing is when students succeed and they come back as alumni and show me what they have been able to achieve or done and show me how they overcome other hardships. So I like seeing their achievements.

“I graduated with my Masters’s once; I like to see hundreds of students doing the same. It is a feeling I like to see all the time. I like to see people taking steps toward achieving their goals,” she added. 

 Harping on her distinctive lecturing style and strategies, Watson said that she was passionate about students’ success and she liked going the extra mile to ensure their academic success by adopting different teaching approaches.  

“I teach organization behavior and organization dynamics. Some of these good relationships with the student are part of what I teach and do. They are all parts of the teachings of the courses; it is all about good management. I expect a lot from all my students. There is no reason no skidding by; there is no reason for anyone not to learn.”

Watson, who also emphasized on gains of learning at all times and circumstances, said that student could lay their hands on something new every day and learn in the process. “My biggest advice to them is to learn in everything they are doing. Learn from the lecturers, watch the people, and learn from them. There is always something to learn everywhere. Do something new every day and work on your self-skills and find an opportunity to learn. I expect that you don’t have to keep quiet while I read the slides to you, you have to participate.

She said: “Take the opportunity to learn in everything you do. Don’t miss the opportunity to learn something from everyone at every time. Don’t discredit any source or any person, everyone has something to teach you and every situation has something to teach you. If you are actively involved, try to figure out something in it. So, always keep learning!”  

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