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Warning signs added to make Aberdeen bus gates ‘clearer for drivers’

Signs are being installed in a bid to clear up confusion over controversial bus gates in Aberdeen.

Council workers adding new road markings
The council is adding new road markings and islands on Aberdeen’s new bus priority route. Image: DC Thomson.

Additional signs and road markings are being installed across Aberdeen to make new bus gates clearer to drivers.

Aberdeen City Council introduced its bus priority route in August with the hope it would reduce traffic and travel times across the city.

However, the new bus gates, including those on Market Street, Guild Street and Bridge Street, have been met with anger from residents.

One man told the Press and Journal he was left “shaken” after finding himself trapped in the city’s bus route.

New traffic island on Union Street
A new traffic island has been installed on on Union Street. Image: Aberdeen City Council.

John Sutton, 84, drove 3.5 miles trying to navigate the restrictions and stated there was no warning or no “escape route”.

He later received a warning from the council for breaking the new road rules.

Now, the council has decided to install new warning measures to make the bus gates “even clearer” after monitoring the situation for the first couple of months.

New bus gates signs in Aberdeen

Over the next few weeks, sections of coloured surfacing will be applied to the roads of bus gates and lanes.

Line painting van on Union Street
A line painting van pictured on Union Street on Thursday. Image: DC Thomson.

Yellow bus gate signs visible to approaching motorists will also be added, as well as three additional advance direction signs.

Traffic islands will be installed at the bus gate on Union Street, at the Adelphi, and on Bridge Street at Bath Street.

The new traffic islands have already caught the attention of north-east residents with photos of one being shared online after it was installed over the top of “bus gate” markings.

A new stand-alone “no right turn” will be added on Union Terrace ahead of the junction with Rosemount Viaduct to “further emphasise” the restriction.

New road marking being added on the bus priority route on Union Street
New road marking being added on the bus priority route on Union Street. Image: DC Thomson.

The new ban on turning right is enforced by the police and is considered to be a road traffic offence.

In September, the Press and Journal counted dozens of drivers turning right onto Rosemount Viaduct – and risking a £100 sign – with it clear many were not noticing the sign in time.

The public can share their views on the roads across Aberdeen in an ongoing online consultation. It will remain open until January 24, 2024.

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